Thursday, September 21, 2017

How We Are Paying Just $20 a Month for over 500 channels of Live TV Plus On Demand Movies!

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When we first heard that you could get over 500 channels with  SET TV for just $20 a month, we thought that just sounds like it's too good to be true.  We researched it though and  watched many reviews (okay my husband did all this),  Then we just decided to just go with it. We were just paying too much for our TV subscription and we knew we had to change.  I'm so glad we did because we've had SET TV for quite a few months now and we absolutely love it.  My favorite part is that it's live TV and not just programs. 

The Channels 

For him:  

Sports and news top his list.  Sports make the winter here pass by so much better!  We didn't have to worry with SET TV.  They have so many sports channels that for awhile there I thought I lost my husband forever.  I even started refusing to let my husband know about the emails I was getting telling of upcoming boxing matches. Very soon though it became apparent, that somehow he knew about them anyway.  Little did I know that we he turned on the t.v. that there would be a message in a box telling him all about them!    He also has watched all the baseball games he wants and I'm sure I'll miss him again when basketball season starts.  

For me:  

I can put up with all that because I have a TV in the bedroom and I can watch the TV I like.  They have my favorite channels too like HGTV, DIY, Hallmark, and Discovery. I couldn't survive with out watching all the Tiny House and Alaska shows. We also get Canada's HGTV which is kind of cool to watch.  I just have one problem with watching in my bedroom, when I lay in bed I fall asleep so I never know in the end which house they pick.  

For the grand kids:

Then the grand kids come over and they are loving it too. With channels like Disney, Disney Jr.  Nick, Nick Jr. and more. we can always find them something they love.  Okay, I'll admit that I love watching them too. That Walk the Prank show is pretty funny.  


There are many movies that we watch with On Demand.  This last week we watched Sherman and Mr. Peabody and Peter Rabbit with the grand kids.  Of course there are many more that we love.  


I know you are thinking okay it probably has one of those remotes I can't figure out.  I was actually dreading this part of the whole deal. I will actually just kind of shut down when I can't figure out some of the remotes.  When I go to the grand kids house I just have no idea how to change the channel and have my grandson do it.  I can set there for hours without a TV  to keep me company because it makes no sense to me.  

Lucky for me this remote is just like my old cable remote.  I have only had to call the husband to the bedroom a few times (OK I kind of hollered). It's been pretty simple for me to learn.  If I can do it I think everyone could do it!  

Recap of the deal:

So let me recap this whole deal for you.  For $20 dollars you get 500 channels that will make everyone happy.  You do have to pay for boxes for each TV (limit of 3) if want it to run more like a cable connection ($99.99 per box).   You will also need high speed internet. We just love it.  


So there is a negative that bothers us.  Every once in awhile it buffers (at least that's what my husband calls it).  It kind of stops mid stream then goes for awhile.  We have decided for $20 a month we will put up with that problem.  Hopefully they will find a solution soon!  

Update:  The buffering hasn't been as bad this past month.  It seems to be getting better has time goes on.   3/7/18

Here is what SET TV offers:  

  • SET TV® 500 + Channels
  • Includes HD
  • Thousands of On Demand entertainment options
  • Plug & Play Technology
  • Pay as you go! Month to month service
  • No long term commitments
  • No activation fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • No credit check
  • Professional Support

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