Saturday, December 8, 2018

My Grocery Shopping Total This Week 12/8/18!

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We have decided to grocery shop every other week so this week's total has been different.   A little higher and a lot more bought at once.  I really got to stock up at Meijer so that was great for my pantry.  So next week I plan on buying just the necessities to keep the bill down.  I hope I can manage this!   I would like our grocery bill to go down to $340.00 a month.  That would save us $60 a month  doesn't sound like a lot but $720 a year could pay for half of this years home taxes!  Yeah!


2 bars of Candy Free with coupon from a promotion on Facebook
Holiday Candy $2.58
Meijer water $1.97
Half and half $1.89 -.50 cent off Meijer coupon
Koegels Bologna $4.79
3 packages of ground beef for $1.99 a pound $8.00 -$7.76-$7.94
10 Prego Pasta Sauce .75 each (after buy 5 get $5.00 off)
Chunk Cheese $1.99 -.50 cents off coupon
2 jars of Pickles $1.99 each
10 Koolaid drink $1.49 (after buy 5 get $5.00 off )
Cottage Cheese $1.79 -.(after buy 5 get $5.00 off )
2 silk milks $1.49 each after  two Meijer .50 off coupons and (buy 5 get $5.00 off)
5 jars of peanuts $1.99  (after buy 5 get $5.00 off)
Little debbie $2.00
2 Quaker Oats  $1.99 each after (after buy 5 get $5.00 off )

Total $84.99


Fresh Whole Chicken $5.10
PB 40 oz $2.49
2 gallons of milk $1.98 each
Ginger bread train to make with grand kids $6.99
Shortening  $2.89
Navel Oranges $2.19
2 pork sausages $2.99
Ham and turkey sub kit $.99
3 Advance Bars $4.99 each
Stevia  $2.99
Lunch Meat $2.99
2 turkey snack sticks $3.49 each
Half and Half $1.55
2 bags of Pork rinds .79 each
2 boxes of crackers .75 each
Parmesan Cheese $2.29 each
Total $80.50

Eggs (36)  $4.70
-bottle refund $3.30

Total $1.40

Aloe water (free Friday download)
Kroger Tea bags $2.79
Bananas $1.11
Total $3.29

Grand Total:  $170.80

How did you do grocery shopping?  

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