Friday, March 29, 2019

Book Review: Licky the Lizard by Melissa Henderson

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Licky the Lizard by [Henderson, Melissa]

Licky the Lizard by Melissa Henderson 

Licky the Lizard is one nice lizard, and just like you and me, he’s one of God’s own creations. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget that we’re really all the same—because He created everything in our world. We feel afraid because of our differences. 

What happens when Licky the Lizard comes face to face with a lady who’s going in and out of her house? When the lady sees Licky, he causes her quite a fright! But guess what? Licky is also scared. Of her. They’re scared of each other! Then Licky and the lady remember that there is no need to be afraid. They were both created by God, and that’s what makes them very special. 

In Licky The Lizard, author Melissa Henderson offers parents, grandparents, and educators a tale that teaches young children a simple, yet important message: There is no need to fear any of God’s creatures 

My granddaughter was so excited to get to read this book.   She had just went to a nature preserve story hour where they talked about frogs and other pond creatures.  She was even able to pet one.  Some of the children said no to petting one so she totally understood how someone could be afraid.  She laughed when she realized how afraid both the human and the lizard were in the story.   

We loved the illustrations that made the story come to life.  The long tongue of the lizard totally amazed both of us.  Then the lady's hair standing on end cracked us up.  

A short story that kept her attention and we loved it!  A great reminder that no matter how different you are to someone else God loves you.  This would be a great Easter storybook. 

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because we are all created by Him—and He loves us all.


Melissa Henderson said...

Thank you Vickie. This warms my heart. I appreciate your support and kindness. :-)

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Your welcome. We loved it!