Saturday, March 16, 2019

My Grocery Shopping Total for this Week 3/16/19!

Normally when I go grocery shopping on Saturday I put that total on the next week's bill.   I decided this week though to just go ahead and show you since I already have went this morning.  We needed to go get our corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's Day!  This total though will go on next week's grand total.  So this next week I hope to only spend around $50.00.  It's how I make it work in my head...I know it probably doesn't make any sense!     

In case your new here - I grocery shop for 3 people and the grandkids when they come.  


Bananas       .84
Cabbage   $1.18
Tomatoes  $2.01
Corned beef  $9.51
Purina one cat food (free with coupon in the mail)
Purina one wet cat food (free with coupon on the bag of dry food)
2 cake mix $1.00 each
3 Eckrich Franks $1.00 each
Lays Potato chips $1.00
2 Meijer buns       $1.00 each
8 cans of soup      $1.00 each
16 jars of Prego   $1.00 each  (I feel good about this price because we love this spaghetti sauce the best)
2 gallons of Milk  $1.79 each
-3.00 for 3 free items

Total $49.96

The beginning of the week we went to Walmart and I didn't take a picture.  Sorry.  

2 variety packs of snacks for the grandkids (we keep these in the car)  4.74 and 6.72
2 packs of bologna  $4.32 each
Chicken breast $7.72 ($1.69 a pound -reduced)
Milk  $1.89
Bananas $1.25
Diet pop   $1.88
Total $33.72

How did you do grocery shopping this past week?

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Peggy said...

Our Piggly Wiggly had pork roast on sale last week for $.99 a pound but sold out before I could get there. So they bought more and put them on sale for $.89. They sold QUICKLY and I did not get one of those but the sign said to get a raincheck and I could get one when the next truck arrives on Monday. So I am not sure what I will get but I will be there when they put them out Monday and get plenty to freeze too. They are so good in the slow cooker as pulled BBQ.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Oh I remember going to Piggly Wiggly when I went on vacations to Arkansas when I was little. What a great store to make sure everyone could get such a deal. That's the way to keep people coming back for sure. Great deal Peggy!

Lana said...

We spent a total of $34.64 this week and got a number of freebies and very good prices on others like 5 ounce packs of pepperoni for 50 cents. We got $20 back from iBotta too so a net total of $14.64. I have not touched the money for March yet and we are well stocked on everything.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Oh what a great deal on seems so expensive here! I love those freebies too! You did really well Lana.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vickie and you did really well for the week :). I imagine the Prego sauce was on a good special for your area and you stocked up as we do when we see something we regularly use on a good sale.

We also did our grocery shopping early for the rest of the month as well after seeing really good sales and clearances in a number of different supermarkets online and in their stores.

Our regular supermarket was having a 50% and more off branded frozen goods specials online for one day only so we chose to stock up our freezer. This made them cheaper than generic brands even with our usual 16.66% e-voucher specials :).

We purchased -

- 3 x 500g frozen blueberries - $9.
- 1 x 400g frozen passionfruit pulp - $3.
- 4 x 500g of frozen peas, corn kernels and capsicum - $6.
- 2 x 4 lt ice cream in our favourite brand - $7.50.
- 1 x sour cream at regular price - $1.65.
- Also found on special 2 x 3kg bags of fresh valencia oranges - $8.

Total = $39.15 with a savings of $34.50 off usual prices .

In another small country supermarket we purchased -

- 4 kg of our favourite chicken drumsticks on half price special - $7.96.

Total = $7.96 with a savings of $7.96 on usual prices.

In another small country supermarket we purchased -

- 4 x 790g of frozen sausage rolls on 50 % off special = $14.
- 1 x pkt of potato chips on s 50% off special - $1.64.

Total = $15.64 with a savings of $15.64.

Grand total = $62.75.

Our budget for the month of March came in at $215.62 and we came in $24.38 under budget for the month.

We put aside $200 for groceries and another $40 for pantry stocking = $240 per month.

All in all a good month for savings and filling the freezer here with just staples to purchase next month.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week :).

Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

Lana said...

We typically pay $5 a pound for pepperoni at Sam's. I was so happy to get this deal.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I know pepperoni is so high. Great deal!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Great deals! Just curious as I have never seen it here what do you do with passion fruit pulp? It just sounds delicious. Love how you separate your stock up and regular grocery budget. Good idea Lorna.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Vickie for your encouragement :).

You can put the passionfruit pulp or seeds and juice in fruit salads, on top of pavlovas, on top of homemade cheesecakes or on icing to decorate cakes with. We predominantly use it here to top homemade cheesecakes and as an ingredient in fruit salads as it is very high in vitamin c.

I hope this helps to give you some serving suggestions.

Sewingcreations15 (Lorna)

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Sounds delicious Lorna! I'll see if we carry it here. We probably do but I never notice it before.