Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year! Goals for 2024!


It's going to be a great one guys.  We need to stay positive and do the best we can.  At least I'm going to give it a go.  One of the ways I love to look forward to the new year is kind of look back on the old goals to see what I did accomplish and expand from there.

So here are my goals this year:  

My #1 goal is to be the best wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and aunt I can.

Sometimes I fail but I keep trying!  

2.  Get healthier, lose weight, and exercise!  

Me:  Get back to watching my weight and eating better.  Christmas was so good but bad at the same time.  I need to watch every holiday but between Thanksgiving and Christmas I get out of control.

I've said this before and this is true today.  I just don't care around the holidays and I need to care! oh well I'm back on the band wagon and I'm doing fasting again.  So far so good,  I'll let you know my progress.

 I hope to start walking at the church's track at least two times a week (it's not close).  If the weather isn't bad I'll walk at home. In the summer there is no need to exercise with the amount of gardening we do.

3. Create: Sewing/Crafting

Crochet enough dish scrubbies for the whole year this month- I think I'll do 15 this year.

Finish some embroidery and sewing projects.

Start making more Christmas presents.

4. Organizing:   I've already started and I'm getting some done!  

 This 3 tier rolling cart is for my corner, I put it up yesterday (easy), and it fits perfectly.  No more water bottles and other things in the floor. 

Organize my herb cabinet.  I bought these at a Goodwill for $15.00 when we took a trip up north recently for my birthday.  So far, in one jar I've put in my elderberry.

Organize the pots and pans so they won't fall out at me. Last year I bought something to help me but it will only help if you use it.

Spring Cleaning one room at a time.   I like to start in January so I'll be done by gardening season.  I hope to buy blinds for our bedroom, the big picture window blind will not work.

Have a garage sale in April... I'm not sure about this-I'm still thinking donate and sell on Marketplace.  I ordered a bag from thredup to see if they will buy some of my clothes.  The jury is still out.

Start seedlings in the house for this years garden -some in Febuary and some in March.

I hope to have a more productive garden this year.  Last year wasn't bad but with the drought we had in July a lot of things didn't do as well.  

5.  I love my readers and I hope to keep improving this blog by: 

Just posting more regular but not everyday.  Twice a week seems to be good for me (I hope it is for you).   I love the comments on my posts too!   If you like Free and low-cost Kindle books I post them throughout the day on my Facebook page here.

Thank you all for a great year!  You make me feel so good when you stop by to read my blog!

Have you made your goals list for the new year?

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