Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Menu plan for the Week of 8/19/14 (rest of)

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I have been delaying making a menu plan but I believe it will help me with the high cost of groceries.  So here is the rest of this week's menu plan.   I want to add in  a meal once a week that I will make double of to go in the freezer.   Helps so much on those crazy days!

Breakfasts are usually what we we feel like including oatmeal, eggs, bacon, french toast,  fried bologna, sourdough waffles, etc.  We are all adults here so they are on their own at night!

So I'm just really concerned about the dinner menu's-

Tuesday (today)- Meal of cabbage Roll ups that I had frozen! Side dishes were green beans out of the garden, a fresh salad with fresh picked tomatoes, and slices of sourdough bread purchased at the Farmers Market.  I froze the rest of the sourdough for later use (great for french toast).

Wednesday-Canning so it will be a eat out day.  I have to cut myself a little slack this time of year tomorrow is canning day ...and I know I will not be able to do dinner and cleanup while doing that!  The garden has come in all at once.   Has that happened to you?

Thursday- Fried Chicken, Green Beans, and  Fried Cabbage (picked out of the garden)

Friday -Morocaan Chicken Kebabs (recipe found in A Farmers Daughter by Dawn Stoltzpus), Brown Rice, sliced tomatoes.  (I will make two of these -one for the freezer)

Saturday-Going to two birthday parties!  no problem there

So Saturday morning I will do another menu plan and we will see if this helps our budget.   I have great hope!

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