Sunday, October 19, 2014

Frugal List for the Week

We went for a scenic drive up north and stopped in on a fruit/meat market. We  found some great deals on potatoes and meats.   I think we will always now try to stop at those little markets!

We also stopped by a small farm and bought 5 dozen free range eggs for $2.00 each. One of the dozen were duck eggs.   So far I've been the only one brave enough to try them and I think they are very good.

Made the apple turnovers with fresh apples instead of buying canned apple pie filling.   They were great!    I used sourdough for mine and Truvia to sweeten.

Canned 10 quart jars of apples that we bought from the orchard.   So good to have these ready when we want fried apples or apple pie.  This is the last of my canning for this year.   I still plan to dry some apple slices tomorrow.

Used the hot water from the water bath canner to do the dishes that had piled up. 

Downloaded two free kindle books.

I made 20 Swagbucks or more every day last week.  I had enough to order one $5 Amazon gift card.   I'll be saving these for January when we do the No Spend January challenge again.

What things have you done this week to save money?

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