Thursday, October 30, 2014

4 Ideas for Using Leftovers.

I've run into a slight dilemma with our leftovers.  Let me explain, up until three weeks ago we used to have chickens in our backyard. After a bad winter with over 100 inches of snow along with subzero temperatures, I decided having chickens was not for me. I know my limits!   

We found a lady who lives up north who has a beautiful hobby farm and wanted more chickens.   I knew when I spoke to her this would be a great place for my chickens.  So we took a nice fall drive with our chickens in the back of the truck.  

As we drove up in her driveway, the ducks waddled out of our way and the horses were eating grass behind a fence.  As we parked our car in the driveway, about one hundred free ranging chickens, two guinea's and a few turkeys came up to greet us.  That's when we knew this would be a great place for them.    

Don't get me wrong, after 7 years of having chickens, I miss them, a lot! 

What,  you say, does that have to do with my leftovers?   Well chickens love leftover lettuce, spaghetti, and just about anything else you throw at them.   Those little treats make them so happy.   

It was this past week that I began to notice how much we were throwing away.   A little bit of this and that as began to add up, quickly.  Money thrown in the trash.   So I've made an effort now to start using up those leftovers no matter how small.

Here are 4 ideas for using leftovers:

1. Make a Salad. With the leftover lettuce and tomato from our BLT,  I made a small side salad. I added a few greens to go with it.

2. Warm them up. With leftover fried potatoes, I saved them in the refrigerator and warmed them up for breakfast the next  day.   My husband loved them.

3. Take it to lunch.  With the leftover Spaghetti I made my daughter her lunch for the next day.

4.  Make a new dish. I'm going to use the leftover Spaghetti sauce on a homemade pizza today and then freeze it for later use.

What have you done with your leftovers this week?

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