Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Can you have a Joyous Christmas without a Tree?

Decorations on the Mantle

For the last 5 years or so I've threatened not having a Christmas tree.   This year I finally followed through.   Can you celebrate a joyous Christmas without a tree?  I intend to find out.

It's a lot of work putting up a tree and so far I've been stress free without it.  Back when my Mother quit putting up a tree I didn't understand it,  but I do now.   She probably had the same problems I have been having....

No help

It was the tucking and pulling to get to the tree out of the garage where we store it.   By the time Christmas rolls around my husband has had all summer to pile things on top of the Christmas tree box and I have to work to get it out.  Then when Christmas was over I would have to do it all over again but by then there will be more than a couple of inches of snow on the ground to help me along.

Not enough room

I would bring it in and then I would have to find a place to put it.   Furniture would be have to moved and somehow everyone disappears when I need their help!


Lights ..they work and then they don't.   One year I even bought a pre-lit tree, it lasted for one year.

My daughter needs a tree

Oh don't get me wrong we bought a brand new tree at a sale at Sears last year and I decided I would have one again this year.   Then my daughter said she didn't have one and they had been borrowing her in-laws for the last couple of years.   My daughter needed a tree!

My solution

I decided to decorate everything except the tree and it's beautiful.   The mantle is decorated with a fun singing Santa and the manger.   The china cabinet has our star and angel lit and displayed on it.
I believe Christmas will still be a happy, joyous Christmas without having a tree.

Decorations on China cabinet

I may have hit a snag!

Everything seemed to be going along fine...then the grandson came in and demanded to know where the tree was.   He remembered the small one I had last year and the just exactly where I used to put it. Oh the children.... I'm not sure I'm going to get away with not having a Christmas tree but I'm sure going to try!

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