Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Book Review: Borders of the Heart by Chris Fabry

Borders of the Heart

J.D. had come to work on the farm  to learn about organic practices with the hopes of starting a farm himself one day.   The hard work and daily routine of the farm came with a benefit of helping him dull the painful memories and mistakes of his past life.   

The boss had told him if you see an illegal on our land make sure you call border control....don't help them in any way, just call.  He really thought that would not be a problem.   That is until it happened, and he saw her lying on the ground near death. Someone had to help Maria and J.D. felt it needed to be him.

Little did J.D. know how Maria came to be there and that a killer was chasing her.   Helping her escape sends them both on wild and dangerous car ride, struggling to stay alive every day. 

My thoughts:

The author, Chris Fabry, has written a fast paced, action packed, Christian romance book with a lot of violence thrown in.  Oh man, quite a difference from my much beloved calm Christian Romance books! The fast moving story kept me diving into this book each night to read just a little more to see how each day would go.  Let me tell you it was a great read.  

The characters were described so well by Mr. Fabry you "get" them all.  Maria with her great strength stood out in the line up for me.   The story kept you guessing whether she really was a bad girl turned good.  

A good spiritual message is included enough that you know you want our God on your side.

If you like action and suspense or if your like me and just need a change of pace you'll love this book.

 I received a free copy of Borders of the Heart from Tyndale Rewards and this is my honest review.

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