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Menu Plan for This Week 2/1/15 --Here We Go Again!

Menu Plan for This Week 2/1/15

I looked back on my last week's menu plan and I had to laugh.   We didn't eat anything listed except the pork chop meal and I really don't remember making or eating that!    We all (including grandchildren) have came down either with a cold or stomach bug. Let me tell you it's been a wild week but we are all on the mend now.  

Menu Plan for this Week 2/1/15 (box of tissues)
We went through a lot of tissues this week!
So we went in to survival mode (there is no other way to put it!)  I know your asking what did we eat?  Something easy and quick.   If you need some suggestions I felt well enough during the week to write a blog post about What to Cook When You Don't Feel Like It .   Make sure you read the comments for some more wonderful suggestions and be sure and leave yours if you have some!

We were also blessed a couple of those meals due to a mishap with my daughter's refrigerator.  We were blessed with two meals- meatloaf and bbq beef for sandwiches.  After switching the dials back to where they should be her refrigerator is great working order....

Now on to this week's menu.   With basically with the same stuff in the freezer here we go again!  Nothing can be easier than that! 

Sunday         BBQ chicken made in George foreman grill (never got to it last week)

Monday        Salmon Patties

Tuesday       Baked chicken in crockpot

Wednesday  Chicken and dumplings

Thursday      Leftover day

Friday          Pork chop Meal

Saturday      Fried chicken  

What's on your menu for this week?

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