Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Trials and Triumphs in the Kitchen This Week

Sometimes things just happen.  I found that to be true this week when I opened my egg carton yesterday to find about 6 cracked or broken eggs. Did someone drop the carton out of the refrigerator or did I buy them that way?   I really don't know (lesson learned check your egg cartons before you buy).

Wanting to be conservative I made my cornbread to go with my pinto beans without an egg by just adding more water instead.   My husband actually liked it this way.  He said it reminded him more of what his mother used to make.

So I was quite proud this morning when I went and got some eggs for my french toast.   Then the carton slipped out of my hands.  I had two eggs left just enough for my french toast.   Thank goodness!

On Wednesday all I made was a mess when I tried to make my own sour cream.  I kept trying probably for too long to make it work.  In the end there were just too many substitutions used on my part and I just had a mess!  There wasn't too much wasted and it was worth a good try!

Success!  My greatest feat this week was those was making these tortillas.   We loved them on our Bacon and Egg Breakfast Burritos.

Have you tried anything new or had a disaster in the kitchen like I have this week?

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