Friday, February 20, 2015

My Little Granddaughter and My Freezer Cooking Sessions

My Little Granddaughter and My Freezer Cooking Sessions

This week we found ourselves babysitting for our sweet grand baby while Mom works and we love it.   We have done this before and let me tell you it gives you a good feeling that you can help raise the grand kids.   Just one thing, we forgot how much work it was with an infant!  I mean I'm exhausted, absolutely whipped!  So is my husband -we both take a nap as soon as she and her brother head home every evening.   We are wimps...yep wimps!

The first day we had her I decided it might be wise to stop by our favorite restaurant and get 8 Coney Island hotdogs for dinner.   We ate them for dinner both Tuesday and Wednesday.  Not a healthy dinner regimen. 

 Snow Cold days are wonderful though because that has given me time to fix this problem and quick!
I started out Thursday (in case you wondered what happened) and I made two recipes of rice in the oven.  I used this recipe and added chopped onions and peppers.

While that was cooking I flipped the cutting board over and made some biscuits.  I filled the biscuits with ham and cheese (we ate some for our breakfast and I froze some).

Then we made a serious trip to some stores.    We bought 10 pounds of Hamburger in a huge bag at Gordon's food Service far this morning I've made two meatloaves, browned hamburger for two meals, and made enough of  this recipe for Swedish Meatballs, for four meals.   We are having Swedish Meatballs today because let me tell you they are wonderful!  There is still more hamburger left to work with tomorrow.

We also bought boneless skinless chicken on sale at Kroger for $1.99 a pound.  After I clean up this unbelievable mess in my kitchen I get started on some chicken freezer meals.   Maybe..tomorrow morning!

Do you make freezer meals?

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