Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Frugal Ways This Week 3/15/15

With the arrival of warmer weather we were able to turn off our heat for a few hours here and there.   We also opened a few windows to get the fresh air in..  Sometime next week we expect the snow to be totally gone so I may be able to hang a few loads of clothes if I can get past the mud!   It's can feel so odd to have such warm temperatures then look out the window and see the snow on the ground still.

I made a few freezer meals on Saturday  to help with our dwindling supply.   These are a life and budget saver through the week when the grandchildren come over.

I downloaded a couple of free books to read and also watched a free movie on Amazon Prime.

With a half day of school for the grandson last week we took him to the bounce house.  It's not expensive to get in but the food can be.   I made sure we all had something to eat before we left home.   For those who don't know what a bounce house is (I didn't know till a couple of years ago) it's a building full of inflatables for the kids to bounce in.   Makes it nice in the winter time to get off some of the energy the kids have.

As I've been Spring cleaning this week I continue to save everything no longer wanted or needed in the garage for a sale later in the Spring.

I used the material I found at a garage sale last summer to make a skirt, sewing machine cover, and to put on the top of the seat.  Underneath the skirt I have room for storage for my yarn.

Grocery deals (Kroger)

We bought our cabbage for St. Patrick's day for 15 cents a pound.

Bought 2 turkey breasts for 88 cents a pound.   This made them approximately 5 and 6 dollars a piece.  I want to go back and buy more if can before Wednesday,

We also stocked up on oatmeal, smoked sausage, and tuna that was on sale.

Made sure I picked up the last two free Friday downloads.

I found pectin on sale in the discounted racks that was not out of date (good till 2016) and bought 3 of them.

I took the survey when I got home for fuel rewards on my receipt.

I checked my receipt walking out to the car (I don't recommend this it can be dangerous by the way,,,that's all I will tell) and found that they didn't take off one of my coupons.   I went back to the service desk for them to fix it.    No problem at all.


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