Friday, April 10, 2015

5 Simple Ways to Start Saving Money

5 Simple Ways to Start Saving Money

Saving money isn't hard but for some of the people who would like to start living more frugally it may all be too overwhelming.   They just don't know where to start or maybe they believe it takes too much time.   So I thought I would give you 5 Simple ways to start saving money that will not take too much effort or thought on your part.

1.  Stock up-   This one hit me first as I was going under my bed to get to my stash of toilet paper. Yes, you now know where to look!   When you find a great deal get more than one if you can.   If the chicken comes on sale buy another one or two.   Making sure it's what ever you can afford.

2. Menu Plan - Start planning your menu for the week or month, whichever is best for you.  You can view my menu plans here:

The savings for this are two fold:

***You will save money by using up what you have in your freezer and pantry.  Food then will not be wasted by getting old.

***The temptation to go out to eat will be less when you don't have to decide what to eat the next day. I remember all to well the feeling of being just too exhausted to think about what's for dinner the next day!

Tip:   Thaw out the meat the night before in the refrigerator.

3.  Leftovers---This is a money and a time saver!  Eat your leftovers before they go to waste and have a easy meal approximately once a week.   Plan your menu plan accordingly so you can have leftovers and a day off in the kitchen!  Think outside the box a little and make a whole different meal- for instance making Chicken and Dumplings from leftover baked chicken.

Leftovers are also great to take to work for lunch.,   You will have co-worker envy as they start to smell your ribs from last night warming in the microwave.

4.   Recycle     Start using the recycling bin if your area has curbside recycling.   If your area doesn't find a place that will accept recycling.  Saves the environment and money.   How does this save money you ask?    Think about those expensive trash bags you have to buy!   If you don't know exactly what to recycle you can join Recyclebank and earn points to use towards rewards while learning.

5.  Reuse    - Before you throw something away think if you can reuse it.   You might be able to do some research on Pinterest till you find the answer your looking for.   I'm currently looking up what to do with broken crayons.

Something as simple as a a  plastic grocery bags can be reused again.  They are reusable for soiled baby diapers, small trash can liners, or your regular trash -my sister and her husband never use a trash bag!  Here is a list of 10 ways to reuse plastic bags.

What are the simple ways you save money?

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