Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Chicken and Dumplings

A Way to a Man's Heart is to make some Chicken and Dumplings!

It's my believe that Chicken and Dumplings are a way to the man's heart.  Yes, I believe if you can make great Chicken and Dumplings, he is yours forever.  This has been confirmed to me at church. You see one of the sister's at church makes Chicken and Dumplings for many of our funeral dinners. She brings in her big pot, drops it off, and goes home.   I have this funny feeling, to prop up her feet.   So she has never heard the many compliments that we've received about her dumplings.   Comments like "wonderful dumplings who made them?", "I haven't had any dumplings like this since my wife passed away!" (this made me very sad), or I 
heard she even received a marriage proposal. Yep she's had proposals, sight unseen! By the way she is very pretty to go along with her wonderful dumplings.

So to get you started on the road to marital bliss here is my recipe for Chicken and Dumplings. My husband says they are the best ever (he is very smart man)!


Today I'm made this recipe with leftover baked chicken.  So easy on a busy day but you can also use a boiled chicken.

Depending on how your Mom made them or what region of the country your from, you might like flat or puffy ones.   For the flat ones I just use all purpose flour and for the puffy ones I use self-rising flour.     

You can dump the dumplings in the pot by a tsp or roll them out and cut them into squares.   Really which ever you have the time for.

Chicken and Dumplings


Boiled cut up chicken or Leftover baked chicken (skinned and cut up)

For the gravy:

1 qt of the chicken broth
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup of water
1/2 tsp of salt
1/2 tsp of pepper

For the dumplings:
2 cups of self-rising (puffy) or all purpose flour (flat)
1 cup of evaporated milk
4 tbsp of oil

In a pot of water boil cut up chicken until done. For the leftover chicken I boiled about 40  minutes in a pot of water.

To make gravy:  in a pot take 1 qt of the chicken broth from boiled chicken and heat till it has return to boiling.   Mix water and flour in a small bowl then gradually add to the broth.   Stir till thickened and then add 1/2 tsp of salt and pepper.

To make the dumplings:   Mix 2 cups of flour (self -rising or all purpose) with the milk and oil.   Roll out and cut into dumplings or measure by teaspoonfuls. 

Add gravy back to the pot of chicken and then drop the dumplings in one at a time.  Cover with a lid and simmer on low approximately 12 to 15 min. or until dumplings are done.

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