Friday, April 3, 2015

In the Garden: Signs of Spring!

In the Garden:   Signs of Spring!

The couple inches of snow we had a couple of days ago dashed my hopes for a little while of Spring ever appearing.   Yesterday was warm but clouds came over in the morning in brought us Spring rains. 

When I complained about the rain to my grandson "yes, but the flowers need rain."   Then we found these beautiful crocuses and I received one of those "told ya so" looks from him.   They are blooming for us just in time for Easter!

The clothespin bag was made from a pattern given to me by my Mother.  

I even hung the sheets this morning hoping that they will dry before our next Spring rain coming by this afternoon.   If you look to the bottom left you can see my foot prints in the  grass mud!

How's your garden coming along?

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