Thursday, April 30, 2015

In the Garden: Mulching and placing Garden rocks

In the Garden
The beautiful grand baby's favorite spot is in front of the picture window.   She loves it when birds come by the bird feeder.

We've had some really nice weather in our neck of the woods.   Let me tell you the outdoors keeps calling my name and I try to get out there every chance I can.   So while husband watches beautiful grand baby for a moment I go.   Then I go again after she goes home with her beautiful Mom!  Then I go to sleep at 7:30 at night.   Really I didn't intend to do that but I just fell over!   Now I'm up at midnight writing this blog post!

I started off putting mulch and rock leftover from the chicken coop around the trees in the yard and around the compost bins.  The compost bin had a lot of weeds around it so I decided to pull them up with my hands.  I soon found out that was way too labor intensive!   Next  I decided a shovel was the next best way to go and turned the dirt over.   At the end I just gave up on all of it and put the mulch over top the weeds.   Maybe it will smother them. I hope so!

Looks good now especially after husband decided to put the extra rocks around the compost bins.   I know someday we will need some rocks and there they will be for us. Looks good.  He may become a landscaper he said.

I'm so thankful for the rain this morning.   Not only because we need it but because I need some rest. Gives me a great excuse to finish my book and relax during the beautiful grand baby's nap!

How's your garden going?

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