Tuesday, May 5, 2015

In the Garden: Tilling the Vegetable Garden

Husband tilling the vegetable garden

We've had some beautiful days this past week so my husband decided it was time to plow the vegetable garden.   It's too early for us to plant but we always seem to get a flood just before planting. Then if we have to wait for it to dry before we can plow we have lost our window of time to plant.  So plowing early saves us some of that worry.   

We could plant early crops like our mustard greens now but we like planting them in the fall.   We usually plant them around the first to middle of August.

brush that still needs burning

The brush was too green to burn so we will have let it dry some more.  We chopped down a non producing Apple Tree and that's in the brush.

Picture of our large garden

The garden is ready to go!   We got a extra two or three rows when I moved our strawberry plants.

With this nice weather I want to plant now.  The ground though needs to warm and we always have a chance of frosts here in our part of Michigan till around Memorial Weekend.   

How's your garden growing?  

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