Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Look in to My Garden

A Look in to my Garden
The cabbages are all looking healthy!  

After a good soaking rain for the last couple of days the garden is coming up so well.   All of the beans are up including the pole beans.   Just about everything including the weeds came up great.  As it drys out in the afternoons I'm out there working on those weeds a little bit each day.  

I love this garden hoe my husband found a garage sale.   Makes working the ground so easy.   I have been looking online but I haven't found one like it.   I think maybe someone may have made it up.

The rattlesnake green beans starting to come up well around the poles.

For a few rows it seemed  to take a long time for the seedlings to emerge.   I had marked the rows with either a marigold or a stick and i noticed that they just didn't seem to making an appearance.   I finally caved in and I start digging.  Of course there they were right there getting ready to pop up.  Funny how impatient I am.

These were the sunflowers I had such "high" hopes for.

One of the seeds that never did come up was the sunflowers.    I had such high hopes for them.   I may have to go to the nursery and buy me some soon.

How's your garden growing?

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