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Book Review: Hearts of the West: A Christian Historical Western Romance (Review #2)

Hearts of the West: A Christian Histo...

Hearts of the West: A Christian Historical Western Romance Collection

This book review is for the last two books of this 6 book collection. Only because I love to switch things up a bit and go to the back of the book before it's time! You can read my book review for the first two books of the Hearts of the West Collection here.  Six books for .99 is quite a deal for this wonderful collection.

Charity's Gold Rush by Cynthia Hickey

Cynthia Hickey brings us a exciting, fast paced, sweet romance book. With lots of action I was captivated till the end. The town and country side were perfectly described. 

The character Charity was my favorite for her boldness and her hard work.   Instead of stumbling along she had the desire to learn the many things required of a housewife and Mother.

Charity's Gold Rush reminded me that money is good but love triumphs over all.

**A Little Spoiler Alert**

Only one part of this story bothered me and left me without an answer. It's funny for such a little thing how it stands out in my mind. Charity was making bread after taking lessons from a neighbor. She put it in the oven and it was never talked about again. I'll always wonder how did the bread turn out and did it burn?   

Mail Order Brides by Susette Williams

Jessie's Bride is a great novelette to end this Christian Historical Western Romance Collection.  A short read to take me away for awhile on a busy day.   I love Suzette Williams way detailed way of writing that makes you feel as though you read a large novel.

Romance is entwined with enough suspense that kept me turning the pages wondering if things will be resolved in the end.  As I read, I could envision the town, cabin, and the ranch so the details were right on.

This story reminds us it's better to be upfront with the truth then things to be found out in the end. Made me wonder how many mail order couples married before they really truly knew each other.  I guess it can't be all told in a letter.

I was given this book in exchange for my honest review by one of the authors.

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