Saturday, June 27, 2015

Menu Plan for 6/28/15

What a great couple of  nice days we had this week.   We managed to spend one of them traveling up north on a picnic.   It was so fun watching the grandson go in the water and enjoying the day.  I hope we get the chance to go on many more!

I've noticed something in making these menu plans that I will fix the hard to fix meals at the beginning of the week then at the end anything easy goes.   I guess I get wiped out.

Speaking of easy meals, we used my last jar of Sauerkraut this past week.   I'll miss serving sausage and sauerkraut until the cabbage come in again.    

Sunday         Working at daughter's house (we will buy something)

Monday        BBQ Ribs (didn't make them last week)

Tuesday        Cheeseburgers from the grill

Wednesday   Leftovers

Thursday      Sourdough waffles with bacon

Friday          Spaghetti with Garlic breadsticks made with leftover                        hot dog buns from picnic.
                     Hopefully I will have a zucchini by then and make                            zucchini pasta for me.  I use the Veggetti Spiral                                    to make my pasta.
Saturday       Cheeseburger casserole (Trim Healthy Mama Meal)

What's on your menu?

Need some more ideas for menus?   You view past menu plans or search my recipes.

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