Monday, June 22, 2015

My Goals for this Week 6/22/15

Here is what I've been up to this past week:

We did it!   We completed the patio!   It was so funny both of us walked out at different times last night to enjoy relaxing and swinging.   Now if we could both make it out at the same time that would be even better!   

My flower garden is mulched, weeded, and hostas have been thinned.   I love color as you can see.  Now I'm off to weed my vegetable garden some more this morning!

Here is what I've accomplished this past week:

Write a book review.

Write a recipe post.  I think I'll take this off...maybe one day I'll find a recipe to share when it's raining!   

Hang out the laundry as many times as I can. 
Carpet Clean both bedrooms.  I got one bedroom done!   

Keep exercising at least twice a week.   So far so good.  I'm counting watching the grand baby on this one. She keeps us very active! (we love every minute).

Earn at least 15 Swagbucks a day.

I seriously need to get back with my diet plan (Trim Healthy Mama).   I'm working on this ...night time is hard.  I keep trying!

Read the Bible more (so far so good with getting up earlier) 

Finish spreading mulch and white rocks around flowers.

Plant the front flower garden and weed vegetable garden as needed. 1/2 done

Start making the patio.

Here is what I hope to accomplish this week:

Office Work

Write a book review.

File some posts!  

Cleaning the home & Spring Cleaning

Hang out the laundry as many times as I can. 

Carpet Clean last bedroom.

Just clean the whole refrigerator!

Personal Goals

Go up north with family and have a picnic!  Remember to enjoy the summer!  

Keep exercising at least twice a week.   

Earn at least 15 Swagbucks a day.

On back on my diet plan (Trim Healthy Mama).   I'm working on this every day.   I'm not perfect but I keep trying!  I need to make up desserts ahead of time so I will not go off!  (thanks Rhonda for the reminder)

Read the Bible more (so far so good with getting up earlier)   I love this time I have in the morning for bible reading and prayer!   That seems to be most of my extra hour.  I love it and what a great time in the morning! 

Outdoor work!!   (all depending on weather)

Finish spreading white rocks around flowers.

Continue weeding gardens.

Our next big project is to make a fire pit with bricks given to us by daughter!  

What are your goals for this week?

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