Monday, June 1, 2015

The Reason Why I am Going to Start Setting my Alarm Again

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Tonight I'm going to start setting my alarm again.   I haven't done that since I retired a few years ago. You see I'm a early bird and I haven't felt the need to set the alarm in ages.   I figure I'll just jump right up at 6 and get as many things done as I can before I have to leave the house to get the grandkids around 7 a.m.    That's sounds fine but really it's not.    I realize that I've been forgetting about myself in the process.  I'm hurried, rushed and my mornings are a mess!

Lately I realize that there has been no time to calm my soul first and concentrate on me for a few minutes before I start my day.  Oh, I make sure I have time with God before I leave the bed every morning but it would be so nice to sit and read the Bible every morning. 

There are a few other things with my super rushed mornings that have been bothering me too.  For instance, you know those first few days that you drop the kids off at school and you look good?  You've done your hair and picked out your clothes the night before.  Well,  I did that too for awhile then I have slacked off.  It's been pony tail and anything I can see to wear in the dark for quite awhile (I don't want to wake up the husband with a light).    I hope with my new schedule I will look as though I've had a makeover!

So what do I want my new schedule to look like?  Just exactly what am I going to do with an extra hour?

5:00-5:20- Coffee and God.  (I figure I need both)

5:20-5:45-do dishes (fix baby bottles),  pick up the house from the party that seems to happen when I go to sleep.

5:45-6:00- Exercise  (besides watching baby!)  

6:00-6:45 -Blogging duties

6:45-7:05- Eat at the table (instead of the computer) and get dressed with clothes I've laid out the night before.

 Make Over Your Mornings

The idea,I have to admit, just didn't pop into my head one day.  It was when I received a copy of Crystal Paine's Makeover your Mornings course  that it just got me started thinking how much I needed to remake my morning routine.   She gives the why's and the step by step process on how to do it.   After reading the course this weekend it gave me the motivation to revamp my mornings!

Update:   Three days so far and I'm loving it!  Although I don't always follow the schedule I set up for myself I have time to regroup and do what I love.   

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