Friday, July 31, 2015

Garden Update 7/31/15: Getting ready to Pick Beans!

The green beans are full and ready to be picked and canned!  I'm really excited on how pretty they look!   We like them full with a good sized bean inside them.   At the same time you can't get them too full or they will taste awful.

White half runner beans

There are places in the garden where I decided not to weed.  The beets were getting eaten by our resident ground hog so I decided maybe if he couldn't see them, maybe he wouldn't eat them.   So far it's working...I think it's just luck.

Weeds in the beets

My weed picture:

With the recent heat Michigan was having the weeding stopped when I got to the back of the garden at the tomatoes.   I never did get back to weeding the front of my garden where the cabbage is planted.  Thankfully we received some relief on Wednesday with some much needed rain.   Maybe I can work on those weeds in between canning.

This morning I helping out with a funeral dinner for one of the church members.   I'm taking cabbage roll casserole and vegetables from the garden.   

Cucumbers, tomatoes, and banana peppers from the garden.

How's your garden growing?   

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