Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Garden Update for 7/21/15 - It's Wonderful!

We came back from vacation to a wonderful looking garden.  I was actually worried a little because I read a post on facebook from one of my friends about a storm that Michigan had while we were gone.   
There was no problem though when we came back.   The garden was full of cukes, zucchini, and of course lots of weeds.    Some early tomatoes are even beginning to ripen. 

I love the way the bean teepees are completely filled up.   The purple bloom of the rattlesnake beans are everywhere.

I planted four early cabbage plants  (they are the ones up front)  and they are ready to be picked. Fried cabbage and coleslaw will be on the table soon!   The late cabbage are the ones I use for making sauerkraut. 

It's been really hot since we returned and all thoughts of even entering in the garden just flew out the window.   Today though we have sunshine plus some cool Michigan breezes.   It makes a wonderful day to pull some weeds. 

How's your garden growing?

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