Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Make Your Own Milk Shakes

Summer comes to Michigan and my husband's mind is on Milk shakes and Ice Cream Cones.  I'm told quite frequently that, "nothing cools you off like a good milkshake."  Yesterday,  I told him I could make him a Sweet Cherry Milkshake and his eyes lit up!   He was impressed.

As he consumed this wonderful shake, his first thought turned to the thoughts of many different flavors.  At his favorite local fast food the flavors are limited to strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. Then you factor in the cost savings and I had him. Hook, line and ice cream!   

The breakdown of the cost of making our own milkshakes was approximately:

.83 Ice Cream   (1/2 gallon  on sale for $2.50) 

.12 Whole Milk for 1 cup  (on sale for $1.99 a gallon)

.20 Reddi Whip  (bought on sale with coupons for $1.00)

$1.15 Total cost for approximately a medium shake

Compared to a medium shake at our local fast food: $2.59 

The approximate cost savings: $1.44- not including the cost of gas to get there.

Different Flavors:  Priceless!

Milkshake Recipe

2 cups of Ice Cream  (any flavor) 

1/2 to 3/4 cup of Milk   -this will depend how thick you want it (Whole Milk is best)

Dollop of Reddi Whip

Mix ice cream and Milk in blender.   Put in glass or use the glass of the mixer and use as much Reddi Whip as you want!

Or to make with real fruit just add 1/2 cup of berries to vanilla ice cream and milk.

Do you make your own shakes?  

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