Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What to do When Your Too Busy to Make Jam

It's Sweet Cherry time in Michigan.   They are coming in right now and they are only here for a little while.   I can sit down with a whole bowl full of cherries and eat them all by themselves with no problem.   They are so good!   I also love to make cherry jam and have that sweet taste all over my toast in the mornings!  I'm just too busy though to think about jam this week and a friend let me know she solves this problem by freezing the fruit.  I froze them real quick this morning and I'll be making it this winter.


Remember those lonely dark winter months with nothing to do.   It would be great to smell jam making on the stove!

You know I did half the work by pitting the cherries this morning.  Pitting cherries seems to take forever because I'm a little paranoid about making sure that pit is gone! Nothing like biting into a pit...nothing like husband biting into a pit!

So they are all pitted and froze on cookie sheets so they won't turn in to one big glob.   I transfer to a freezer bag later today.

Although I've never tried to make jam from frozen cherries I have froze them for pies.   Nothing like a cherry pie in the winter.     Have you ever froze fruit to use in jams before?  I'll keep you updated on how it turns out this next winter!

Update:   We are in the summer now and enjoying our wonderful jam that I made this last winter.   The taste of cherries is just right!  

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