Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 8/16/15

Canned Green Beans

The green beans are over in the garden.   We canned or dehydrated close to 5 bushels!   They will taste so good this winter when all the work will be forgotten.   Now on to the tomatoes and cabbage.   I'm glad everything doesn't come in at once!

I filled out the survey at the bottom of my receipt for 50 extra bonus points for Kroger fuel.

Bin of Transformers

With all the garden chores we didn't go to as many sales as usual but we did find a few things.  I found the wonderful grandson a bin of 12 transformers for $5.00.   Let me tell you this kept him busy for quite awhile last night when we were babysitting.  Money well spent!

We had a funny thing happen when my husband bought a over the door basketball hoop for a dollar.   There were three sales right in a row so we were walking down the street back to our car when a man stopped him.   He said I would love to have that.   I see you paid $2.00 for it (my husband always gets a deal)  and I will give you $4.00.   My husband who thought he was joking, laughed and said what about $5.00.  He quickly gave him the $5.00 and went on his way, very happy about his purchase!

Back to the Bricks Cruise

We had a wonderful date night at the Back to the Bricks Cruise. We took our chairs and sat on the Funeral home's lawn.   Sounds funny but they are so nice and give you free popcorn and water.   We found ourselves walking down the road though and visiting the Tim Horton's. Still with that cost, we had a wonderful date night for under $10.00.  Sometimes just getting out together is all that's needed.

I was very close to buying a new dishwasher this past week when I noticed again that it wasn't cleaning as well.   The top rack of dishes wasn't getting as clean.  At 5 a.m. in the morning I was quite frustrated to say the least. I absolutely hate rewashing dishes! 

Taking matters into my own hands with help from google (I didn't want to wake husband).  I took out the bottom sprayer, and cleaned all the little holes.   Among other things a small fruit pit was clogging one of the holes.  

Then low and behold the top sprayer was on upside down. Whoops!  We reinstalled it wrong the last time we cleaned.  Just that alone should do wonders!   I know this will be your laugh of the day!

Just to let you know, I have no handyman skills at all without instruction.   Thank goodness for the internet!  

What ways have you saved money this week?

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