Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 8/23/15

My canning shelves are just about full this year. Such a great year for the garden.  Just to explain a little bit about this picture.

*The cans are mostly three deep. 
*I have my cans of salsa from this year on the same shelf as the cans of tomatoes that were left over from last year.  I keep my canned goods for two years.  
*I have made 14 jars of sauerkraut so far that are not on the shelves. They will be stored at my daughters house in a dark corner of her basement.  
*On the bottom shelf is a row of canned peaches I found for a good price at a store up north. Peaches are high here.   At the farmers market this past week a half  peck of peaches was $8.50.  
* Right next to the peaches are canisters of my husband's favorite drink -Country time Lemonade.   We bought a ton of it on sale for .99 a piece.  

We stayed around the home mostly this week to get things done.   We took the grandson to the local playground and bought him a Mcdonald's ice cream.  He was just happy to be with us.

Home and Car Repairs:

We had a storm last week come through and it blew the backyard swing through the garage window.   Husband with the help of a neighbor replaced both windows on the garage for $150.00.  The windows were old and cheap so it was good to have new ones.
The swing is now away from the windows.... 

We also have had to repair a car.   Most of the work my husband can do but when it requires it to be hoisted in the air he gets it done at a local shop.  By calling around he was able to get it done for $100.00 less than most quotes.

What ways have you saved money this week?

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