Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 8/30/15

Smoking Jerky -Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

We smoked the corn beef we got on sale around St. Patrick's Day this past week.  We made it in to jerky.   Tasted great!

Corned Beef Jerky- Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

I printed free hidden pictures from Highlights for our trip yesterday (thanks Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker).   They were printed on used papers I no longer wanted.    After we found many hidden pictures we then made paper boats, paper hats, paper airplanes, and paper boxes from the used papers.  We also played I spy. 

Grandson finding hidden pictures- Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

While the youngest grandbaby explored the feeling of sand....

Grandbaby feeling the sand -Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

the grandson climbed the sand dunes.

Climbing the sand dunes- Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

We took a picnic to the scenic drive part of the sand dunes park then went on to the next park for the large sand dunes to climb.   If you paid for one park you get the next park free.  Both parks were a total of $10.00

It's been cool here so I was able to thaw out our last frozen ham from Easter.   It's lasted many dinners this past week.

I canned the rest of the sauerkraut and also canned more salsa.

Canned Sauerkraut- Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

What ways have you saved money this week?

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