Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Garden Update for 9/9/15~ It's Not Dead Yet!

A look into my garden

Even though it looks like everything is totally done in the garden... it's not dead yet.   Here is a look at what I found still growing out in the vegetable garden.

Watermelons growing in the Garden

It made me smile when I noticed three watermelons tucked in the vines.   They are not quite ready yet but it won't be long.

Peppers growing

I thought the groundhog had ate all the peppers but they are coming on the plants now.   Exciting!

A sea of Mustard Greens

Then there is my sea of mustard greens!   Oh I can't wait to start picking and canning!   This weekend I think I'll get started.  In the background you can see a few tomatoes still on the vine.

Hen and chicks in my strawberry pot

My hens and chicks are multiplying in my strawberry pot.  Looks like a pretty bouquet!  I'll be dividing these soon.

Is your garden done yet or are you like me and still have some goodness left?

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