Friday, January 15, 2016

10 Things That Money Can't Buy

Not that I was bored in any way in Sunday School this last week but when the teacher started talking about money I have to admit my ears definitely perked up! Money is something many of us think we need more of and it's hard to imagine something you can't buy with it. 

He started naming off this list that he had memorized (they were all important so there was no particular order). 

10 Things That Money Can't Buy:

1.   Integrity

2.   Manners

3.   Love

4.   Honesty

5.   Morals

6.   Respect

7.   Trust in the Lord

8.   Patience

9.   Character

10. Common Sense

This list got me thinking because really it lives deep in my soul.  I try my best to live like this everyday.  So, if a lot of  money came my way would I still abide by these things? Would I change and forget about how to live right?  I hope not. 

Great Sunday school lesson!  

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