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Book Review: More than Friendship by Amy Lillard

 More than Friendship

More Than Friendship  

From Amazon;

Woven deeply into the Amish community of Wells Landing, Oklahoma, a women’s quilting circle is a place to share everything from recipes to hopes and dreams, especially when love is in the air...

The youngest member of the quilting circle, Clara Rose Yutzy has her whole life ahead of her. And it’s just beginning, with plans for a wedding to her longtime beau, Thomas Lapp. Everything is falling into place, which is why Clara Rose resolutely ignores her newly warm feelings for her best friend, Obidiah Brennaman. There’s never been a hint of romance between them, and no reason to pay attention to such nonsense now...

Steady, sturdy Obie feels differently. He’s never thought too hard about his future, but the news that Clara Rose is about to be married is strangely unsettling. Convincing Clara Rose to take another look at their friendship may not be easy, but Obie is certain God intends for them to be together. He’ll do whatever he must to make Clara Rose see how much he loves her, and with the Lord’s help, before it’s too late...

My thoughts:

Amy Lillard takes us back to the Amish country with this Christian Romance book, More Than Friendship.  I loved feeling apart of the Amish quilting bee as the woman expressed their deepest feelings and hardships.  Scenes played out in my mind with her wonderful descriptions from the horses to the countryside.

My favorite character was Obidiah who decided to make it known he wanted more than just friendship with Clara Rose. Even though it might be too late he was determined to change her mind.

This book made me realize we need to try even though the situation may look hopeless.

I have to say the first part of the story kept me turning pages. Then all of sudden it was over too soon for me. I wish it would have played out just a little more because I could have stayed much longer in Amish country. 

I was given this book by the author in exchange for my honest review. 

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