Friday, January 8, 2016

Dividing the Chores

My husband is going to help me finish up cleaning the living/dining room carpet today. It got me thinking how we have split up the chores in our married life.

I remember doing chores when we were first married and thinking to myself he didn't do enough. It seemed to cause a few little spats. Over the years though I've started thinking about the whole thing a little different when I realize his jobs where just different than mine. He helps me out many times of course and I return the favor. 

Here is the list of chores they we have divided up.

He does:

Bringing in the wood/ taking out ashes for a fire

Mowing the lawn.

Trimming the bushes.

Maintenance of yard tractors/ mowers

Car Repairs

Taking out the trash (yeah)

Snow plowing  (this year so far he has been pretty lucky)

Advise me about cooking (telling me how is Mother used to make it)

Plowing, planting, and harvesting the garden,

Fix things I break.

I do:

Shoveling of the sidewalk

Washing/drying dishes

Washing/drying clothes


Mopping the floor

Planting, harvesting,  and Hoeing the garden (he runs away-LOL)


Spring cleaning

We've both be known to:

Help out with the other ones chores when we can.  I've been known to mow a lawn many times and he has shoveled my sidewalk a lot. 

Clean the cars

Vacuum the carpet

Feed the beautiful grandbaby then of course change a diaper!

Fold up clothes 

Now you realize that his list may look a little longer than mine. 
His work comes and goes and every day I'm glad I have his help!   

How do you divide the chores at your house?

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