Friday, January 22, 2016

The Top Five Items I love to Buy at Aldi

We have been doing a lot of shopping in the last couple of years at Aldi.  The prices just can't be beat. Although we occasionally will find a great deal on many other items there are some things that we make sure we put in our cart.  It's usually the same basic items that we need to stock in our pantry and refrigerator each week.

The Top Five Items I love to buy at Aldi:

Keep in mind that these are prices in my area.  Your area might be higher or even lower than I have listed.

1.  Produce:  Bananas are always lower priced then the other supermarkets (here they are usually around 44 cents or less a pound).  I have found great deals on potatoes, apples, oranges (in season) and celery. Make sure to look for the signs that say Top Pick of the Week.

2.  Dairy:  Milk seems to be always cheaper at Aldi and it tastes great. Sometimes the price of a gallon of milk, can dip way below the sale price at other supermarkets. This week my area Aldi's had milk for $1.79 a gallon (the next week it was on sale for $1.69!). Other deals I love to buy in the diary department include Greek Yogurt, block cheese, and half and half. I will buy their butter if it's not on sale at other stores. 
3. Bread: Aldi's brand of Honey Wheat Bread is top notch.  At  $1.39 a loaf it's a steal.  Other top items we love in the bread department are hotdog/hamburger buns and doughnuts.  Look for great specialty breads during the holidays.

4.  Chocolate and Candy: -Starlight mints taste great (.89 cents a bag) and a bar of their Swiss Chocolate is to die for!  

5.  Saltine Crackers - they taste very close the the name brand and only cost 79 cents a box.  We recently had several weeks when the shelf was empty.  I made sure to stock up a little this last trip.

The total on this order was $31.75.

Here are a couple of tips to making shopping at Aldi easier:

**Try to remember your reusable grocery bags.  Don't worry if you forget... you can buy bags or even use a empty box you may see floating around.  

**Have a quarter ready for the cart (don't worry you will get it back).

**Aldi's only accepts cash or debit card.  They do not accept checks or credit cards.  You don't want that surprise at the check out counter!  (thanks to a commenter for the reminder)

Do you have an Aldi nearby and have favorites that you make sure to put in your cart?

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