Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Counting my Blessings Wednesday

In a effort to remember the good things in life I'm going to start a new series, Count my Blessings Wednesday.  I'm going to start this week by letting you know something ....

I've deceided not to turn Amish.   If for no other reason than the thought of doing the dishes by hand. Oh I've heard of those people that say they love to wash dishes and how it's so therapeutic.  I'll tell you a little secret about me....I can cry over a sink full of dishes. Yep, it can drive me to tears.  

Oh, I've done a lot of dishes in my day.  I mean there were five kids in my family when I was growing up and we all took turns doing the dishes.  There was a clean off the table kid, take out the trash kid, wash the dishes kid, a rinser/dryer kid, and a sweep the floor/take out the trash kid. Oh we had it down or really our Mother did! It was fun!  You see we talked, laughed, threw things at each other, and had some great fights along the way.  Before we knew it the job was done and over... well until the next meal.

I think the difference is now I do them by myself. I gave up on husband helping a long time ago (there are just some things it's best to let go).  When I do dishes there is no one to talk to, no window to look out, and it just ends up being a lot of work.

So you can see what a problem this has been for me when my dishwasher quit for good last week. Every day I've had to remember to thank God for the water and detergent to wash them. thank him for being able to wash them, and thank him for giving someone the brilliant idea of making paper plates.  Oh I've adjusted my thinking a lot.

Today though for my first installment of Counting my blessings Wednesday I'm also thanking him for my new dishwasher!   Whoo hoo (it's the little things)!

What ways are you counting your blessings so far this week?  

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