Thursday, March 31, 2016

Book Review: Mariam and the Stranger by Jerry Eicher

 Mariam and the Stranger

Miriam and the Stranger (Land Of Promise Book 3)

From Amazon:

Miriam Yoder is living a happy life as the beloved school teacher in the small Clarita, Oklahoma Amish community having accepted the fact that she will likely never marry. But when a local freelance reporter enters her world, Miriam is astonished to find herself attracted to the handsome Englisha man.
The very next week, widower Mose Stoll arrives from her home community of Possum Valley, Ohio, in search of a second frau. Mose has spoken with Miriam’s father and is ready to meet Miriam in person. If he finds no serious flaw in Miriam, Mose plans to marry her and take her home to Possum Valley.
When Miriam follows her heart instead of her head, she finds herself facing excommunication. Suddenly her happy life has been turned upside down with no possible solution…unless God intervenes.

Jerry Eicher’s many fans (more than 600,000 books sold) will delight in this concluding volume in his Land of Promise series.

My thoughts:

Miriam and The Stranger brings us back to Oklahoma to catch up with Miriam again. The last book, A Blessing for Miriam,  had me turning the pages wondering what would happen next in Miriam's life and this one was no different.

This book deals with many aspects of daily living.  It reminded me we are all human and trails can happen in both the Englisch and the Amish.  God is always there to help.  

The love that Miriam's Aunt and Uncle had for her shone brightly through in the pages. Their concern for their niece was always utmost in their minds.  They encouraged her to do well and helped her realize when she needed help. To have someone care and love you so much is just priceless.

The descriptions, the schoolhouse, the buggy rides through the country, the barns, and the wonderful smells of Amish cooking played out vividly in my mind.  I laughed, got angry, and cried for Miriam throughout this book.

I loved it and you will too. A wonderful, wonderful read.

I received this book for free in exchange for a honest review.

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