Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Count my Blessings Wednesday- My 5 Top Blessings I Need To Remember

In a effort to remember the good things in life this week I'm again sharing with you Count my Blessings Wednesday.

Count my Blessings Wednesday

One of my friends (the song leader) at church explained to the church that I had a Count My Blessings Wednesday. The lady next to me in the Praise team whispered that she didn't have just one blessing a week, she had so many she couldn't count them!   Such a sweet lady.

Do you ever forget when you are going through trails the many blessings you have?   I do. I appreciated her reminder a lot last week.  You see sometimes my mind can get so took over by a burden that I have a problem of thinking or even praying. It's becomes focused just on what we are going through at the time and I try to carry that burden myself.   I don't even begin to think of the many blessings I have all the time.    

That burden can get heavy. It can weigh me down and make make me walk slower.  I can feel it in my physical body, a lot. Thank goodness there have been many prayer warriors that will pray with me or for me.  They take up my burden to the Lord for me when I can't even focus.  I don't even have to tell them what it's about.   Isn't that great- only God knows.  

Then as I slowly come out of the fog I begin to realize God is in control. He can help me carry that heavy burden.  I'm thankful for that reminder this week to always focus on the many blessings God has gave me. 

Here are My 5 Top Blessings I Need to Remember:

1.   My family

2.   My friends.

3.   My home.

4.   Shelter

5.   Something to eat.  

It feels so good to think of these blessings.   With each trial I hope I get better at coping and learning to remember them. Really though sometimes though I'm just a big mess.  That's when  I figure God just picks me up and carries me through it.  Lucky he is strong!     

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