Sunday, March 20, 2016

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 3/20/16 - The Short Trip

I was able to buy a 32 oz container of Greek Yogurt for $2.39 and two dozen cage free eggs for $1.99 each in the dairy clearance section at Kroger.  I was too tired to make yogurt or go to our egg man!   

I took the survey on my Kroger receipt for more fuel points.

I bought some gift cards for places we normally frequent and received 4x the fuel rewards at Kroger. This helped make our gas $1.51 a gallon this past week (.50 cents off a gallon).

Husband was given a full bottle of fuel ejector at an estate sale that just wanted to get rid of everything on their last day.   I also bought some garden shoes and a basket for a $1.00 each.

Our biggest savings/spending came from the short trip we took this past week to Kentucky for a few days.

For both hotel rooms we received a discount.   One discount was for $15.00 when we used our AARP card (this almost paid for our membership) and the other discount was for $20.00 when we used a coupon from a booklet at a rest area.  

We took advantage of the breakfast in both places that we stayed.

We used the little shampoos and soaps they give you. We also brought some home.

We filled up our coolers with ice from the ice machines.

We took our own drinks and snacks.

We also took coupons that come in the mail for eating out with us.

Some of the ways we spent our money:

We stopped by a Mennonite farm and bought some meat on the way home.  They have great meat at a good price. We used our coolers to take the meat back home.  It was still frozen solid by the time we got home with the help of the wind and the cooler colder Michigan weather.  Our first job when we got in the door though was to freeze the meat.

We stopped by two thrift stores and had a good time looking. Found the grand baby a wind up toy.  That was all we could find though.  We were so disappointed!

We bought 36 cans of the brand of pinto beans that we like. These come in extremely handy on the days I don't want to cook at all.  I have fooled many a visitor and even my own family because they taste like homemade.   

Husband also found some pop he hadn't had in awhile at a local grocery store.  We can not find it here -it's called Ne hi Peach.  He is one happy man.

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