Saturday, March 26, 2016

Our Menu This Past Week-Anniversary Week

Our Menu for this Past Week

We have been married 37 years this year.  Whew it doesn't seem like that long.  I guess that's a testimony of how great our love has been!  

What did my husband give me for a present?   A week of rest.   He would look at me and decide I didn't need to cook.  We went out for pizza, had a dinner together of Long John Silvers, and then we went out for an anniversary breakfast.  Oh and I can't forget that baked chicken from Sam's.   He is a sweet man and I think it was a fantastic present!  Love it!  

Now though it's over and I'm enjoying getting back into the kitchen.   I've started making part of Easter dinner.  

Hot cross buns rising in the morning

I've made some hot cross buns that are rising this morning. When I rise bread I always use a heating pad.  My sister Kathy gave it to me a long time ago..I think it came from the seventies!  

I also made deviled eggs but I won't show you that picture.  They were supposed to look like little chicks hatching...well.  They will be eaten...we don't care what they look like.  

I hope to make a sweet cherry pie also for dessert after we take the grand kids to an Easter Egg Hunt this morning. 

Sunday           Baked chicken from Sam's 

Monday          Hamburger Steak

Tuesday          Pizza with a coupon of course  (grandson was home sick -he loved it)

Wednesday     Long John Silvers 

Thursday        Sauerkraut and sausage 

Friday             IHOP for Anniversary breakfast!   My favorite!  

Saturday         Roast in the Crock pot this morning...easy! 

Have a wonderful Easter!  

What was on your menu this week?

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