Friday, April 29, 2016

In the Garden -Pictures of My Spring Garden (April)

Pictures of My Spring Garden- Mom's Old Washtub is my Spring planter-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

In the garden -oh how nice it is to say that.   I couldn't wait for the rain to stop today so I could take pictures on how my spring garden is doing in Mom's old washtub.   You can see the onions taking off and the radishes and lettuce starting to make an appearance!   Very Exciting!

Green Onions in my Herb Bag, Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

I had extra onion bulbs and planted them in my herb bag.  They are planted quite close but I'll just use every other one for green onions.  

Garlic growing-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

This picture is a hard one to see (very dark day) but it's my garlic growing that I planted last fall.  Well it's in between the weeds.  To me they look like a sturdy green onion.  The ones near the bottom of the picture are more healthy because they were out of the water.   I'll be planting them in a different location next year. 

Red Tulips Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

Just in case you think I'm all about vegetables...I'm not I love my flowers too!  

Front Yard Spring Flowers-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

Everything is so pretty right now!  

My $3,00 planter for Flowers -Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

This is my find of the day at a rainy garage sale this morning!   I just paid $3.00.   

How's your garden growing?

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