Sunday, May 8, 2016

My Frugal Ways this Past week,What Was On the Dinner table and My Goals for the Week 5/1/16!

My Frugal Ways this Past week,What Was On the Dinner table and My Goals for the Week 5/1/16!

I bought mulch bags that were discounted because they had a hole in them.   I used the truck so it didn't matter if they made a little mess. I only finished putting down half so far,

Husband went to Kroger to pick up three free things I had on my card. He came home with two.  He said that was hard work looking for those free things.  I think the little candy bar from last Friday slipped through the cart because it wasn't on the receipt. I will get it next time.  He took the bottles back finally.  I love him!  

We went to a 50 mile long garage sale this weekend.   I didn't buy anything except some pretend food toys for the grand baby for $1.00.   My mind was made up if we don't need it I will not buy it. The prices also seemed a little higher than our garage sales in the area.   

Accepted tomato cages from a sweet neighbor,

What was on the dinner table:

Monday;        Leftovers from eating out (daughter took me out for Mother's day last week)

Tuesday:        Spaghetti

Wednesday:   Beanie Weanie's

Thursday:      Baked Chicken and potato salad

Friday            Taco bell

Saturday         Chicken fajitas (made with leftover chicken)

Sunday           Mother's day menu:   (diet is off for today!)  I just feel that it's worth making a great dinner to have everyone together today.  That's Mother's Day to me!  

I prepped a lot of this last night:

Bacon wrapped pork chops


Grandmas rolls  (I used half of the dough for sweet rolls- they would have been cinnamon rolls but I forgot the cinnamon ...)

Corn on the cob

Banana pudding

My Goals for this Week:

In the garden:

Although I was able to weed some I didn't lay down all the mulch I had bought yet.  I hope to get that done this week and of course pull more weeds.  There are always weeds.

Make seed bombs.

At home:

I love my new cleaning schedule and tackling my closet is on my list this week.

Go through and sort garage sale items.  I hope to have a garage sale the first week of June.


Write a book review.  

What frugal things have you done so far this week?  

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