Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Why I Quit Spring Cleaning This Year (I May Never Do it Again)

Why I Quit Spring Cleaning

Every year I faithfully started my Spring Cleaning in January. My thoughts were if I started early I could take my time and finish before Spring made it's appearance in Michigan.  When Spring finally came I could be outdoors enjoying the sunshine in my garden or taking the grandchildren to the park instead of cleaning house  

It all worked out till this year and then life got in the way... vacations, remodeling the bathroom, and finally the flu dropped by. Although we managed to keep the house cleaned on a daily basis there just didn't seem to be a moment to spare to deep clean.

It got me thinking what if I just added on a 5 to 10 minute job a day to my regular cleaning schedule. Something extra in one room a day that I normally wouldn't do.   I would get things deep cleaned at a much slower pace but I would feel I was getting things done.

Here is the schedule I came up with:

Monday:        Kitchen 

Tuesday:        Porch, bathroom, or furnace room

Wednesday:  Computer Room

Thursday:      Guest Bedroom

Friday:           Our Bedroom

Sunday:          A day off

Each day I pick something extra in each room to clean.  So what kind of things did I accomplish last week?  In our bedroom I cleaned the doors to the closet (I wasn't feeling the best so I picked a easy thing to do).   In the computer room - I deep cleaned and organized the computer desk.   In the guest bedroom I cleaned the blinds and the window.  On Tuesday I cleaned half of the furnace room (I watched the grandchildren so I felt good about this)!

In just a few minutes a day I'm getting that Spring Cleaning done and I may never go back to my old way.  It's been reasonably pain free and I haven't lost one beautiful day this Spring!
What do you think about this idea?

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