Wednesday, June 22, 2016

10 Ways to Have a Great Garage Sale!

We just finished having our annual garage sale last weekend. We all ended up very happy but totally exhausted. Garage sales can be a lot of work but at the same time can be very rewarding!  Garage sales are great to get rid of the stuff you no longer need and make some money while you are at it.  

Here are some ways I've found that help us have a great garage sale year after year:   

1.   Save everything!  As you de-clutter throughout the year save back what you don't want or no longer need. Store them in your dry basement or garage, in bags and boxes.  It will be there waiting for you when you have your garage sale.

2.  Location, Location, Location!   As with any business venture you need to decide where you will get the most traffic to see your wares.  We held ours at my daughter's house that is located on a busy street.

3. Timing -the earlier in the season the better.  I know that we have done better in mid-April over the years even though we did very well in June this year.

4.  Hold a Multi-Family Garage Sale or participate in a Sub-division sale.  The more people that participate in your garage sale the better.  When you can offer a greater variety of things to sell you have more people willing to stop. 

5.  Advertise-  Make sure to put up signs showing where to go to your garage sale on each corner of your street.  We also post in Facebook groups and craigslist.  

6.   Price it right.  Yes your stuff is good, but it's no longer brand new.  On the other hand you just don't want to give it away.  Make sure you do your research and price it accordingly. 

Just make sure to price it!  Most people hate to ask the price of every single item. 

7.   Be willing to hackle some.   If you don't want to carry it back to the basement or garage be willing (within in reason of course) to come down a bit in prices.  If you feel the price is already at the bottom stand firm and wait for the next person if you want to.   

8.   Be ready and hold great hours (9a.m.-5p.m.).  We start early in the morning... 9 a.m. works great for us.   That means we have to start getting it out there around 7:30 a.m.  On the other hand the traffic just seem to dwindle down to nothing after 5 p.m..  

9.   Visibility.  Most of the time someone should be out there. My Dad always told me people will not stop if they don't see anyone and he was spot on!  

What to do while you out there?  You can just sit in the shade (sunburns are not fun) or straighten up your wares.  More people will stop if your garage sale is neatly arranged.

10.   Have a plan for dinner.  Our plan just happened to be eating out and we had our coupons ready!  A freezer meal would also come in very handy (use paper plates).

I hope these tips help you have a great garage sale!

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