Friday, June 24, 2016

A Garden Tour of Applewood Estate, Flint MI

Yesterday I had a great time with some friends touring Applewood. Applewood is the estate of Charles and Ruth Mott in Downtown Flint, MI.  A unbelievable place in the city that few people even know that is there. We were so excited to tour the grounds and the house for their 100 year celebration.

The frog above brings back memories.  I remember taking different little ones to the Genesee Valley Mall where it was originally located.  They had so much fun climbing on it. Now it sits within the grounds at Applewood for a new generation to climb on.

This tree was one of the original apple trees on the property.   The trunk is hollow but it still has branches and it's producing apples!   

The flower cutting garden was my favorite.   To have a garden to go and pick a bouquet from everyday would be so nice.   It was just beautiful.

Ponds sprinkled here and there were so calming.

I loved the boxwood hedges around the perennial garden.  I need a gardener...

We sat on the bench in the back of this photo and had a picnic lunch that one of us brought.   Her chicken salad sandwich was delicious! 

We also got a chance to tour their beautiful house (no pictures were allowed).   There is much more that I didn't show you!   I hope to get back soon for another stroll.  Did I mention it was free?  One more wonderful thing that the Mott Foundation is doing for the community.  

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