Friday, July 1, 2016

An Easy Way to Deter Pests in the Garden

He's back ....every year that big ground hog makes his appearance.   Everything seems to be going along fine (except we could use more rain) and then he starts eating my garden. Last year I didn't get a pickled beet.   

Pepper plants-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden
Three pepper plants-The ground hog nibbled on the two on each side.  
This year he has already eaten some of my pepper plants down to stubs.   I hope he has heart burn....

So I've resorted to an old tried and true trick. One that has been around for ages.  Decoys.   

Grandson's snake in my pepper plants-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden
Snake in the pepper plants

My grandson gave me this snake after he realized what he bought was not what he thought it would be.   I  put it in between the pepper plants.   

Ornamental duck guarding the beets-Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

I have this ornamental duck guarding the beets just in case he visits them this year.  

Then I saw this owl and I knew I had to have it.   It guards the garden while perching on top of my bean tepees.  I bought mine at our local sporting goods store or you can buy one like it here.  

 I Move Them!  

The duck goes up and down the beet plants, the snake slithers in and out of the pepper plants, and I move the owl to a different bean tepee every other night.   Otherwise I think they could get used to them.  

It's Working!  

So far, the ground hog has not visited again after the pepper plant dinner. I think it's easier for him to just visit the neighbor's new garden!  

UPDATE:   July of 2016 -this did not apparently faze the deer that had a great dinner of beet greens and green beans.  We did become lax about moving the decoys. ...

What do you do to deter pests in the garden?

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