Friday, July 22, 2016

Garden News at Home and at My Old Elementary School 7/22/16

This week I've been going over to where I went to Elementary school as a child to help them with the gardens.  I've been getting the pickers out that have invaded the flower bed.  I found this twisty tool at a garage sale and it's been a back saver!

This is the little square foot garden that I planted at the school garden.  I wasn't the best garden tender there but some of it did pretty well.   The potatoes will be ready to harvest after the tour.  

Garden News at Home:

My garlic was dry so I decided this week that I would try and dry some garlic powder.  This is a new experience for me. 

I did a lot of the work outside on our garden sink.   You know this stuff can really smell.

Then I placed the garlic cloves in the dehydrator.  As I was researching I quickly learned that I should cut the garlic into slices. I then dehydrated this for about 10 hours and unfortunately that was not enough. I went to grind it in my blender and it just became one big sticky ball.   I decided to save it in my refrigerator anyway to use soon in recipes. I'll give dehydrating garlic a try again next year.

I'll have some pictures soon of the big vegetable garden in the backyard.   The zucchini's are never ending!  

How's your garden growing?

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