Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Top 6 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

I'll have more money in the budget for other things If I save at the grocery store!

Saving at the grocery store is one of my biggest budget helpers. I still want quality food but I want it for the best prices.   Saving with these top ways help me keep my food budget under control.  

These ideas are very simple and do not require a lot of effort to implement.  They may seem small in comparison to your food bill but it adds up very quickly. 

1.  Make a list.   List making has proven so helpful to me over the years. It cuts down on frequent trips to the grocery store saving money on items I don't really need.  When items get low in my pantry or I run out I write down as I go. 

2. Clean out your pantry.   Every couple of months go through your pantry and take stock of what you have. Cleaning out the pantry periodically and using food before it expires could save your family hundreds of dollars.  Using up your stockpile of food could also save you a trip to the grocery store for a week or two.

3. Have a budget for groceries (and stick with it).   Just going to the grocery store without having a spending limit can really take you over the top. Creating a budget ensures that each one of your purchases is meaningful and creates less waste. 

4. Use coupons.  It's more easier now than ever to use coupons. 

Here are three different ways to save with coupons:

Digital Coupons:   To me this is the easiest way to save money at the grocery store.  Just log in to your store's website and download the coupons you would like to your store card.  So easy to just clip the ones you need and you are on the way!  

Clip Paper Coupons:   We receive a free newspaper in our driveway every Saturday night.  I can always find at least one or two coupons to clip inside.  Sometimes we also buy the Sunday paper that has even more.  

Print Coupons:   You can print coupons now in many different places on the internet.  You can even earn points on Swagbucks for printing and using coupons!  

5.  Don't go grocery shopping when you are hungry or bored!  
You will end up purchasing more food then you really need. Just a quick snack should hold you back from mindlessly throwing food in the cart. 

6. Shop for food at unconventional places.  Saving on groceries is not limited to the grocery store.  We found some great deals at Menard's (toilet paper and tuna was on sale).  Big Lots has an awesome selection of natural and organic products. Drug stores like Rite Aid and Walgreen's can also have awesome deals when combining coupons with their sales.  I was even able to get a deal for toilet paper on Amazon using a gift card earned through Swagbucks !

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