Friday, September 23, 2016

This Week in Our Home: Canning, Sewing, and Our garage Sale (hopefully)!

Husband picked another bushel of mustard greens for me and I canned 6 quarts yesterday.  We love mustard greens in the winter. Just the smell of them seems to relieve our sinus congestion.  I always say to myself when I'm canning them it's so worth it but it is a lot of work and time.   Really, it's so worth it!  

I've been making pillow case dresses for a children's home Judy at Sew Mama Sew told me about.  Have you ever made them before? They are so easy and fast to make.  Feels so good to be able to help out!   If you need a pattern like I do the best I found is at Little Dresses for Africa. 

We are having a garage sale this morning that is if the rain holds off.   We hope to get it done this week because next week we are supposed to have Fall!   

Have a great day!  

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